DMC Provider, Facility and Pharmacy Directory (PD) & Formulary Updates with Printing and Mailing Solutions


DMC will program your Health Plan’s English and foreign language PD updates in just 3 – 5 business days each month. This includes the programming of English and foreign language PDs. DMC also updates Formularies for its Health Plan customers on a monthly basis. The DMC process insures compliance of the CMS requirement that health plans update their PD’s and formularies on a monthly basis. Of course, Section 100.3 “Changes and Corrections to Existing Documents” of the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG) requires that these materials be updated must be updated within 30 calendar days of receipt of updated or corrected information from the provider/pharmacy to ensure accurate information is provided to enrollees.

In addition to updating your Plans PD and formulary materials DMC would then be able to fulfill mailing Member request for PDs, Formularies and other materials through its print-on-demand/mailing fulfillment program. DMC offers an automated SFTP protocol for Member Data Files to be uploaded by health plans to DMC’s website. All communications regarding the status of Member mailings take place through the DMC automated Client Portal. Automated email notifications are provided to DMC health plan customer team members. DMC produces all books through a print-on-demand process that includes printing, binding, and mailing in just 2 business days; thereby, complying with the CMS 3 business day rule requirement. This production turnaround is available for quantities ranging from just 1 book per member data file; to thousands of books per member data file. DMC would mail all packages as Bound Printed Matter Parcel (BPM) packages, appending your Plan’s member data files with IMpb barcodes that provide proof of mailing and proof of delivery for each Member.