DMC will help your organization acquire new customers and strengthen current relationships. Our List and Data services enable you to optimize your marketing efforts, turning insight into a competitive edge. DMC provides its customers access to compiled B2B and B2C databases (see, and we can secure rented lists for your organization from a wide variety of list sources ranging from publication lists, to member lists, to public record files.

List Brokerage – Reduce acquisition costs, discover new markets and increase ROI. DMC’s List Brokerage Division offers you comprehensive solutions to target your clients and prospects in a fresh innovative way. Our List Brokerage team offers a world-class, hands-on direct marketing experience. Loyal to your needs, we demand high standards from your campaign results. Whether you’re implementing a new marketing campaign or an existing one, our List Brokerage consultants have the vision to grow your business. We continually provide insight to both consumer and business marketers in a wide variety of industries. Our expertise includes catalog, retail, publishing, fundraising, technology, and children’s and educational industries, etc.

Data Processing – Make your data work harder for you! DMC’s data processing services secure new opportunities with better targeting. Reaching the right customer at the right household is paramount to a successful direct marketing campaign. Our data processing team offers you expertise in evaluating your data, identifying opportunities, and creating customized solutions optimizing your data’s performance. Data Enhancements and Overlays are one of the best investments you can make on your customer and prospect files. The knowledge and insight you gain will be truly invaluable whether at a consumer or business level. An example of a few of DMC’s capabilities include providing your organization the opportunity to:

  • Segment and refine your House File by performing regular list hygiene
  • Enhance your file(s)with firmographic and/or consumer data points
  • Create new targeted market segments
  • Reactivate of a customer at a site level
  • Identify new prospect customers
  • Determine a consumer’s key demographic responders
  • Increase response rates

Modeling – Optimize specific data characteristics and use that information to identify similar prospects for future mailings. Modeling is a technique aimed at optimizing the data characteristics of your customers, which then uses that information to identify similar prospects that are most likely to respond to your organization‘s offer.

Analytics – Our Multi-channel Matchback Services eliminate the guesswork and in turn help to define the true customer who is responding to your offer. DMC’s Multi-channel Matchback Services eliminate guesswork and help to define the responder to your offer. Response analysis reports are generated, and provide a true response rate of a given campaign, and will be able to tell you who responded to your offer and through which channel they responded. We will be able to provide answers as to where you need to make adjustments in your campaigns to expand future results. Clients utilize DMC’s Multi-channel Matchback Services to analyze and measure the effectiveness of a single marketing piece or an entire campaign. This can determine the value of their website, Life Time Value (LTV) of customers, target markets and to accurately track customer or donor retention.